It gets a little easier if you looked here

To avoid any misunderstandings and wasting your time it is highly recommended to spend 5 minutes and see our useful videos.
Also It is so appreciated if you follow some primary principles listed below, so please...
  • Send your pictures only through one of our three uploading tools placed in our website (attachment isn't recomended).
  • Do not send us more than 3 pictures for free test or samples for quotation.
  • Choose one of our service type presets instead of writing long job description about your inquiry.
  • Submit Before-After sample for advanced orders or describe clearly in simple english.
  • Provide your full contact information if you are new customer before uploading your pictures.
  • You should inform us about any corrections immediately after receiving pictures otherwise you will be fully charged for your requested service (no excuses will be accepted during due time).
  • Invoices will be sent to you automatically through your provided email in the end of each month and You can choose to pay by Credit cards, Paypal or wire Transactions to our bank in Thailand as you prefer.
  • The most frequently question we receive after delivering your test files is : where is the extraction? please be aware that we make clipping Path in photoshop and you have to active Path Palette in photoshop to see your path, see how if you don’t use photoshop you should ask us to save files as PSD Transparent.

By using the above steps, it will help us in our effort to deliver quickly and with high quality to you.